1965-1973: the fastest sport supercar in the world

“The Miura is outstanding in its beauty and its concept but, like a wild animal or a foreigner, it demands an effort in understanding. Maybe it’s not too late to start a successfull love affair with the Miura, a romance that will last years and years.”
Coltrin-Marchet (Lamborghini Miura, 1982)


Heart innovation
technique genius.

Lamborghini Dallara Stanzani Gandini.
The four men who made a legend.

The Registro Italiano Miura was created to connect Miura owners, to preserve and share the history of their cars, to provide testimonials, information and largely unpublished images and technical details, and to promote meeting opportunities in the first community dedicated to them.

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274 built – Presented in embryo, with only chassis and engine, at the Turin Motor Show in November 1965, it attracted enormous interest. Bertone proposed to ‘dress it up’ and entrusted the task to Marcello Gandini, who designed one of the most extraordinary works of art on wheels ever conceived.


338 built – The first car of the new series was delivered in December 1968. Numerous aesthetic and technical improvements made the S the best-selling version.


147 built – Final version with improved road behaviour and upgraded engine. Debuted in March 1971 with chassis no. 4846


Miura JOTA – 1 built
Miura SVJ – 3 built
Miura SVR – 1 built
Miura MILLECHIODI – 1 built

MIURA Roadster

1 built – Presented at the Brussels motor show in January 1968 as a styling exercise by Carrozzeria Bertone, it accentuated certain features of the Miura, such as the air intakes.


Custodians of our history

Registro Italiano Miura dedicates a section to the archive of registered cars, where you can see professional unpublished photos, videos, information and data that the owner of each Miura has decided to share.

Miura, an Italian story.

Miura History & Design



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News, initiatives, events and special appointments for Miura owners.

MiuraDays-Luci del Bosco 2023
eventi calendario 6-7-8 October 2023 eventi location Castello di Lispida - Monselice - Italy
Torino 1965 – Venezia 2025 – Miura 60th Anniversary
eventi calendario September 2025 eventi location Venice-Italy
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