Miura Jota – 1 built

The note ‘Jota’ on production number 308 in Moruzzi records indicates that remains of a Miura S crashed
car will become chassis number 4683. Sold to Mr Ronchi, in April 1971 the Jota was crashed close to Brescia.

Miura SVJ – 3 built

Derived from the Jota are various replicas, but only three of these left the factory new as SVJs. Chassis number 4934, destined for the collection of the Shah of Iran, chassis number 4990, which will be driven by Silvera in Haiti, and chassis number 5090, delivered to Ferrandi and which will bite the asphalt of the Corsican winding roadsa.

Miura SVR – 1 built

The ‘R’, or ‘racing’, is the evolution into a racing car of the Jota. It originated from the P400S, chassis number 3781,  which was exhibited in “Verde Miura” at the 50th Turin Motor Show in 1968. On 30 November 1968 it passed to the official Lamborauto dealer in Turin, and in 1974 to Heinz Steber who took it to Sant’Agata and had it transformed into the SVR, following the example of the Jota. This transformation is said to have lasted 18 months, after which the Miura SVR left for Japan.

Miura Millechiodi – 1 built

After several changes of ownership, Giovanni Sotgiu bought the car in 1975. He was good friends with Walter Ronchi, who had owned the only real Jota, the bolide that Bob Wallace had built for himself. They transformed the #4302 into a ‘pseudo Jota’, with spoilers and everything else that was considered appropriate in the mid-1970s. The transformation cost a good 4,500,000 lire, was painted petrol green and was called “Millechiodi”, i.e. 1000 rivets, clearly visible on the bodywork. From 2019 back in Italy.