Terms and Conditions – MiuraDays “Luci del Bosco 2023”

Art. 1 – Field of application

The present “Terms and Conditions” (later referred to as T&Cs) govern the entry and participation in the “MIURADAYS – LUCI DEL BOSCO 2023” event.

MIURADAYS – LUCI DEL BOSCO 2023, later referred to as the Event will take place from 06th October to 8th October 2023.
ORGANISING SECRETARIAT: Registro Italiano Miura S.r.l., based in Piazzetta Jesolo 14, Jesolo (Venezia),
e-mail info@registroitalianomiura.it.



TEAM: a Team formed by 2 people, Driver and Co-Driver, registered with the same Registration Form.

DRIVER: the main member of the Team responsible for the registration to the Event, who fills in and sign the Registration Form, also eventually providing the Co-Driver data and registering the car to attend the Event.

CO-DRIVER: the accompanying person eventually entered for the Event by the Driver.

PARTICIPANT: general term for any member of a Team.

DEADLINE: the final date to apply for the Event by sending the Registration Form, duly filled in and signed, via e-mail and to complete the required payments as per the registration fee described in Art. 3 below.

Art. 2 – Programme

The “MIURADAYS – LUCI DEL BOSCO 2023” event will be held from the afternoon of the 06th of October until lunchtime of the 8th of October 2023.

Art. 3 – Registration Fee

The Registration Fee for the Event based on 1 Team of 2 people sharing 1 double room
(fee for 1 car, Driver and Co-Driver, 1 double room): Euro

The Registration Fee for the Event based on 1 Team of 2 people accommodated in 2 separate rooms (fee for 1 car, Driver and Co-Driver, 2 double-use-single rooms): Euro

The Registration Fee inclusions:

  • Accommodation for 2 Participants at a 5 star hotel, as per the Programme
  • Food & beverage
  • A welcome package
  • Specialised Technical assistance during the driving day
  • Itinerary directions, by means of arrow signs on the road, during the Event
  • The programme for the Event
  • Parking facility
  • Local logistics assistance
  • 12months free membership to Registro Italiano Miura and cancellation of the una-tantum entry fee to the RIM

Car transportation, additional services, and any other service, not listed above, are not included.
The Registration Fee payment can be completed, by bank transfer or online by credit card, as per the following instalments and deadlines:

  • Deposit: 1000 Euro before the 30th of June 2023
  • Balance: the remaining amount 390 Euro is due before the 31st of August 2023

Bank transfer


ADDRESS: Piazzetta della Libertà N. 23 – 30013 -Cavallino Treporti (Venezia) – Italy


IBAN: IT50Z0835683210000000082105



In case of payment by bank transfer, bank fees should be charged to the sender.


Art. 4 – Registration for the “MIURADAYS – LUCI DEL BOSCO 2023”

The Registration will be considered completed only once the Organising Secretariat have received the following documents:

  • Registration Form, duly filled in and signed by way of acceptance
  • Copy of a valid ID document (Identity Card or Passport) for each member of the Team.


  • Payment of the full amount of the Registration Fee referred to in Art. 3 and any supplementary cost for additional services requested

The Deadline to register and pay the Deposit is 30th of June 2023. All entries received after this date, will be placed on a waiting list. In such a case, participation is not guaranteed. The Organising Secretariat reserves the right to evaluate and fix the final number of Teams admitted guaranteeing the overall quality of the Event.

Art. 5 – Additional services

The Participants can request additional services (room upgrade, airport transfer, green card, etc.), not included in the Registration Fee. The additional services requested will become part of the Registration Fee and will be ruled by the same T&Cs.

Art. 6 – Participants’ obligations

Each Participant is responsible for obtaining the valid documents (passport, ID, visa, health certificate or other required documents) by departing/transit/destination countries.
Moreover, the Participant who intend to drive must be in possession of a valid driving licence for Italy.
Throughout the duration of the Event, each Participant must comply with local law, including road traffic rules and speed limits.

Art. 7 – Car Insurance

Each car attending the Event must have a valid insurance, including third-party liability, as per the local law. In case the car does not have a green card insurance, RIM can be contacted to arrange it.

Art. 8 – Substitutions

All entries, as Driver and Co-Driver, are based on the registered names; therefore, no registration to the Event may be transferred to a third party without prior request to and explicit authorization of the Organising Secretariat

Art. 9 – Force Majeure

The Organising Secretariat will not be held liable for any violation of its obligations under these T&Cs to the extent that the non-performance or delay is attributable to act or events beyond its control, including but not limited to natural disasters or Acts of God such as earthquakes, fires, flooding, strikes, epidemics, pandemics, Government acts and
orders to contain contagion such as lockouts, curfews, lockdowns, and any other impediment to normal working activity.

Art. 10 – Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of the participation and/or additional services must be notified to the Organising Secretariat by e-mail at info@registroitalianomiura.it.

The Cancellation Policy applies as follows:

  • In case of cancellation, notified before the 30th of June 2023, the amount paid will be refunded.
  • In case of cancellation, notified from the 01st of July 2023 and the 31st of August 2023, the 30% of the amount paid will be refunded.
  • After the 31st of August 2023, in case of cancellation, no refund will be possible.
Art. 11 – Advertising

No form of advertisement or personal sponsorship may be affixed to the vehicles participating in the Event without the prior written consent of the Organising Secretariat.

The Participants agree to affix the Event Car Stickers and the Event rally plate, and any other logo of the official sponsors of the Event, if any, on his car

Art. 12 – Applicable law and Jurisdiction

The present T&Cs are governed by and must be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Italy.
Any dispute arising from or connected to these general terms and conditions shall be referred to the jurisdiction of the Court of Venice, Italy